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We are open today, Tuesday, April 23 from 9am - 8pm.


At Rituals, we want the best part of your career to begin here. We understand that this change in your path is exciting but can come with a lot of anxiety. Believe us when we say that we know this feeling all too well. It is the same feeling we had in 2006 when we opened our doors.

Our story is both simple and special. We grew up in the Midwest and come from very large families. We met in college, tied the knot in 1979 and raised three daughters who are now growing families of their own. From time to time, we have different opinions – opinions that allow us to be more open-minded. But we always allow our decisions to be guided by values that stem from our faith and our commitment to those we love most. Our staff makes up a team of those people we love most. We want the passion they have for their careers to be built around hard work, communication and respect. That is the foundation for our supportive team – a team we would love to welcome you to.

Our hope is that the best part of your story begins here. –Pete & Sheri Polignone, Owners

Rituals Training Program

We offer a program for Apprentices that want to further their cosmetology career. Any potential apprentice needs to be enrolled in an accredited Cosmetology School to enroll in our program. We are a state registered salon, certified to give you the opportunity to complete your hours for licensing requirements. We provide one-on-one training in many different skill categories to support your career. Hands-On learning is a crucial component to prepare students for a career in the beauty industry. It allows students to gain practical experience by actually performing tasks such as styling, cutting, coloring, highlighting and other beauty treatments under the guidance of experienced instructors. By practicing these skills in a real salon setting, students can develop their techniques, confidence, time-management skills and professionalism. It allows them to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the classroom to real-life situations.

    Education Opportunities

    Education is crucial for professionals in the beauty industry to stay current with trends, techniques, and technologies. These opportunities come in various forms, such as workshops, seminars, online courses, and certification programs. We want to help enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and improve your overall performance.
    Attending education opportunities not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the growth and success of the salon as a whole.


      "It’s a service provider’s job to take care of clients, but it’s an owner’s job to take care of the team. Salons and spas that offer rewarding compensation and benefits packages and design transparent career paths retain talent longer, which helps them grow faster."-Salon Today 200

      Recipient of the 2024 Compensation & Benefits Award for Salon Today 200

      -Group Health Insurance
      -Dental Insurance
      -Vision Insurance
      -Education Opportunities
      -Training Program
      -Paid Time Off
      -Retail & Service Discounts

        We are always looking to expand our team with people who have a passion for beauty, education & growth, creativity & values building relationships. We are a team-based salon-spa that collaborates, supports, & guides one another to ensure that the best part of your career begins with Rituals. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, we encourage you to apply by clicking the link below to become a part of our team.

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